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The Cost of Forklift Truck Maintenance

The cost of operating a forklift should be considered as much or more than the initial purchase price.  Forklifts are only effective when they are moving material and transporting goods. As with any machine, moving parts need maintenance.  When a truck is down, it costs you real money. Because the most expensive part of using a forklift is paying the operator for their time, if the truck is not available, the return on the operator’s wages is lost.

Even with the rising cost of parts and labor the cost to maintain a forklift has remained reasonable. In the past 5 years increases in service intervals for internal combustion trucks have doubled.  This helps offset the increased costs of parts and labor.

The Bailey Company provides maintenance programs that can supply replacement units when yours are being serviced.  We also have programs that cover minor accidental damage and set your operating costs at a flat rate.  When you purchase a forklift you are paying for the maintenance, and the Bailey Company gives you the best return on that investment.