Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Bailey Company endeavors to provide superior material handling products and service to its customers. By investing in our employees and treating our customers with respect, we strive for mutually successful long-term relationships.

Our Guiding Values:

We are a family business. Our family includes our employees, our customers, and our communities. We take care of our family.

We focus on our customers’ success. Our purpose is to help our customers succeed and to improve their performance.

We operate as a team. We believe in a team-oriented approach. We do not pass the buck; we make things happen.

We do the right thing. Even when it’s the hard thing.

We look to the future. We always look for a better way to do things. We evolve and embrace change. Technology is our friend, and we strive to be the most forward-thinking, tech savvy company in our industry. We invest heavily in the future. We believe in growth and self-development.

We believe in the importance, and in the power, of diversity. We embrace the diversity of humanity and believe in its power to inspire innovation, creative thinking, and positive culture.

We are stewards of the environment. We recognize the impact of our actions on our environment, and we strive to minimize our impact. We believe in sustainable energy, zero landfill operations, and green business practices.


The Bailey Company, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest forklift truck dealerships.  Since our founding in 1949, we have been a family-owned business dedicated to selling, leasing, renting, servicing, and providing parts for forklift trucks and training for forklift operators in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky.   We are proud of our longstanding reputation for taking care of customer needs quickly, effectively and economically.

We offer forklifts and other material handling equipment from Cat Lift TrucksCrown EquipmentMitsubishi Forklifts, Jungheinrich, and Hoist, as well as the full line of Camso, Maine Industrial Tires, Monarch Tires, and others.  We believe in our products and our dedication to providing the best possible service for customers has paid off in multiple “5 Star Dealer” awards from Caterpillar & Mitsubishi.

Bailey Company Facts

  • We are a certified woman-owned business.
  • We have been family-owned and family-operated since the company’s founding in 1949 by James Bailey and are now in our third generation.
  • Our twelve locations throughout Tennessee, northern Georgia, and southern Kentucky are located so that our entire territory is covered within a one-hour drive of a Bailey Company store.
  • For Caterpillar and Jungheinrich trucks, the “Parts Fast or Parts Free Guarantee” ensures next-business-day delivery of parts or they are free.
  • Whether it’s through sponsorship of charity events, company-sponsored employee volunteer work, or a developing environmental program, The Bailey Company, Inc. tries to always maintain a strong connection with the community and set an example for corporate responsibility.
  • 300 employees and 190 service vans work to provide customers the best possible products and service.
  • Our lines of tires and mobile tire presses allow us to not only get you the tires you need but also come to your workplace to get the tires pressed on your trucks.
  • Our rental fleet is one of the largest in the nation and includes everything from pallet jacks to 50,000lb capacity units.
  • We currently have over 11,000 units enrolled in our Lift-Care Planned Maintenance Program, including 1800+ customer units enrolled in our Care Plus Fleet management program.
  • The Bailey Company, Inc. is proud to be a member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association.  Please explore www.wikimheda.org for valuable information about both MHEDA and material handling equipment in general.

Please explore our website and contact us. We would love to work with you to provide your company with the material handling services it needs.