Management Tools


Managers know…collecting, analyzing and communicating information is crucial to an efficient and productive operation. In a warehouse, the key is having real time information about your fleet and operators.

InfoLink, a wireless fleet and operator management system, saves time and money by turning real-time and historic data into organized, prioritized and actionable information.

  • Ensure only authorized operators use equipment?
  • Cut forklift impacts – and the associated costs – in half?
  • Automate the inspection checklist process, remove paper storage and provide instant access to inspection records?
  • Allow service technicians to analyze truck event codes remotely – before they even leave the service center?

InfoLink® Solutions

Customers who use InfoLink and its full capabilities report continuous process improvement and enterprise-wide savings, by:

Reducing Truck Expenses

  • Accurate and reliable impact detection encourages operator responsibility and reduces abuse billings.
  • Visibility to equipment utilization eliminates unneeded rentals and leases.

Improving Safety Compliance

  • Customizable inspection checklists ensure safe equipment and comply with OSHA regulations
  • Operator certification prevents unauthorized use of equipment and tracks upcoming training needs.

Increasing Service Efficiencies

  • Planned maintenance tracking keeps equipment in top operating condition.
  • Event codes are remotely accessible to service technicians to expedite the service call.

Maximizing Manager’s Time

  • Save time by reducing false alarms, automatically collecting hour meter readings, and accessing tools and reports anytime, anywhere through the web-based program.
  • Personalized goals can be set to quickly and easily see visual comparisons of your key performance indicators.

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